Sunday, November 12, 2006

Right to know

After three years of biotech education there are rudimentary questions which I deserve an answer to. Right to Information Act, 2005, empowers us to seek relevant answers from the institution which is ironically widely perceived as a alien entity with respect to our immediate reality.

The following is a draft application that I will file under the act an try to get a few basic administration related answers. Although these questions may seem narrow as compared to the wider debate, it is a start.

The PIO is expected to provide a substantial answer to these questions within 30 calender days. I will keep updating this space in my quest to extract cognizable information from the annals of bureaucracy.



The Public Information Officer November , 2006

Vice Chancellor’s office

Mumbai University,

Mumbai, Maharashtra.

I… Full name of the applicant: HEMANT MORAJKAR

II… Address: C-5/7, Jeevan Veer Coop. Soc., LIC colony, Borivli (west), Mumbai – 400103.

III… Particulars of the information required:

Subject matter of information: Mumbai University Biotechnology course details required.

Period of which the information relates to: Information available up to date.

Description of information required:

1... To which Post Graduate (PG) courses offered by the Mumbai University and its affiliated colleges in Mumbai can a Biotechnology graduate (BSc) apply? Please provide a detailed list of these courses and the colleges which offer them.

2… The ratio of number of seats in MSc Biotech course to the number of Under-graduate students who passes out is grossly skewed (140/1000). Is there a plan to increase the number of seats in the MSc Biotech course?

3… Why is the permission for MSc courses at

§ SIES college of Arts, Science and Commerce in Sion and Nerul

§ Patkar College in Goregaon

§ RKT College in Kalyan

§ Pendharkar College in Dombivli

as reported in Indian Express , Mumbai Newsline on 22/09/2006, being upheld?

4… Provide a revised list of colleges, including newer colleges, which offer/will offer MSc Biotech course relevant to the academic year 2007-2008.

5… Biotechnology is currently an unaided course at the Under-graduate level making it costly. Do you intend to bring it under the aided purview to make it more accessible to students?

6… Are there any government recognised diploma courses related to Biotechnology that a BSc graduate student can avail of?

7… Biotechnology is a ‘technical’ industry oriented course, but is found lacking in terms academic progression (after 12th Biology) and has none or little connection with industry requirements. Is there a plan to revise the curriculum to facilitate the same? If yes, then what are the changes being initiated?

8… There is little difference in the BSc Life Sciences and Biotechnology courses that are being offered by the University in terms of inherent lab requirements and subsequent opportunities in academia or industry. Then why is the Biotechnology course so costly?

9… Is there a plan to upgrade the Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Bio-physics laboratories at the Mumbai University, Kalina campus?

IV... I state that the information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in section 8 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office. If for any reason, it pertains to any other department, the Right to Information Act places an obligation on you to forward the same or part of the application to the appropriate department and intimate me within 5 days of such transfer.

V... Under the RTI, information shall be provided in the way it is sought. Hence, it is requested that the information be provided in question and answer format in the above manner.

VI… To eliminate ambiguity or misinterpretation, please provide the required information in English.

VII... The requisite fees for this information will be paid, if in accordance with rules.

Hemant Morajkar


Place : Mumbai

Date: 13 November 2006.


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